About NorthWest Healthcare Properties

NorthWest Australia and New Zealand

We are a leading, well-credentialed manager of healthcare real estate in Australia and New Zealand.

With offices in Melbourne (head office), Sydney and Auckland and more than $5 billion of assets under management, NorthWest is the largest manager of healthcare real estate in Australia and New Zealand.

Our local management team of over 40 highly experienced healthcare real estate specialists have a proven track record of value creation in healthcare real estate including development and assisting the growth of our operators and partners.

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NorthWest’s investment in AUHPT

NorthWest is the largest unitholder in the Australian Unity Healthcare Property Trust (AUHPT), controlling over 17% of the units in the trust.

As a specialist in healthcare real estate with an established, long-term commitment to the Australian and New Zealand region, NorthWest is committed to a long-term investment in AUHPT. In that context, NorthWest is pleased to provide this cash offer to continue to acquire units at a premium.


Request to be contacted regarding NorthWest’s cash offer

The NorthWest Cash Offer will only be made by NorthWest sending an offer document in electronic or printed form to the offeree by email or post to the address of the offeree and where the message or envelope that accompanies it is addressed to the offeree.

If you have any further questions relating to this proposal please contact the NorthWest Offer hotline on 1300 034 132 (within Australia) or +61 3 9415 4677 (outside Australia) or northwesthealthcare@georgeson.com to talk to a NorthWest representative.

1 The current price (ex distribution) is based on the Withdrawal Price of $2.2650 for Wholesale Units, as shown on the AUHPT Website on 30 June 2021.